------------------- Controls -------------------------

Use WASD to move Or Left Joystick

Use Click to shoot Or RB

Use Mouse to aim or Right joystick


This game takes inspiration from horde survival games like Vampire Survivor and 20 minutes til dawn,  other inspiration includes but is not limited to twin stick shooter games like Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon. 

The game is set in a fantasy medieval settings with guns and funs.  

I'm using Godot 3.4 to develop this game


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Nice game, could be a bit more polished here and there. One suggestion: somehow make sure you don't accidentally click an upgrade. Make it a two-step process or something or put a few seconds loading animation. It now happens too soon that you are clicking accidentally because you're shooting.

The download version is different from the web version btw. What I don't like in the download version is that it restarts when pressing space. That's an odd choice.


Cool game.  Pretty satisfying to kill the enemies. I like the sound effects and death animation.  I think the upgrades are a bit slow to come up, I was getting a little bored of shooting by the time my first option turned up.  I like how some of the options require sacrifices (extra bullets for less movement speed).  Good start for something made in so short a period of time!


Nice game, pretty basic, but in a good way. It was confusing how i was supposed to upgrade, I saw the screen for half a second and then it was gone \_("/)_/. i feel like the pacing is also a bit off, as you're always in combat. besides those points, i think it's a great game.